A V A   H A L L O R A N  is a London-based artist with a particular interest in sound art. Born in Arizona and having lived in Switzerland, Germany and the UK has influenced the primary themes of her work: space, perception, language and memory. From vast desert landscapes to dense cities, she tunes into the sonic surroundings as a way of comprehending cultural, political and social complexities and to question our sense of place and belonging.

Dream analysis and deep listening are methods that she uses to learn, embody her practice and travel beyond ‘visible’ boundaries to deconstruct/reconstruct and emphasise her understandings of context. Ava’s work explores these topics through sound collages, experimental electronic performance and digital/analog storytelling. She crafts her work with field recording, cartography making, sound/ visual collages, and live sound art performance.
Following a career in psychosocial work and a decade of performing with records in Switzerland’s underground music scene, she decided to expand her passion for music and sound in London, where she completed an MA degree in Sound Art at the University of the Arts London, LCC.


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