D E R I V E S  B L E U E S 

Sonic Performance, KNVNT event, Berlin, September 2021

Dérives Bleues

Evokes hypnotic tones, levitating textures and distant echoes, inspired by Delia Derbyshire’s SeaThe Dreams and a radical change of landscape during the summer of 2021. Shifiting from terrestrial to aquatic realms, it reflects the potential of imagination, dreams and how environmental change impacts us. The sonic journey is made with processed field recordings, the artist’s vocals, acoustic objects and electronics.

KNVNT, art collective, gathered live performances, video installations, creative workshops and DJ sets for this sonic event in Berlin. Dérives Bleues was performed in a cellograph, created by Popticum.


Record release 2022, London 
Tzika explores the otherworldly poetics of the cicada’s lifecycle.

in the breadth of things
                                                      the hum sits with us
                                                     from soil to full flight
                                                                                   echoes of warmth

Lathe cut by Depth Dept, Saint Petersburg, Russia. 
Digital version available:   Tzika Bandcamp 


London, 2021 


KoKoMo joined Brazilian-based digital database Homeostasis Lab platform in April 2021 https://homeostasislab.org/ 

KoKoMo is an interactive website based on storytelling (audio-visual) that aims to explore some of the themes thrown up by the Covid-19 pandemic by connecting people’s experiences from various locations during the lockdowns in 2020. 


Thank you -  Dominique Fleury, Lihi Mendel, Tasneem Lohani, Vladimir Skrivan, Tarik Haskić, Anastasia Freygang, Frédéric Post, Francesca Serra, Michel, Neil Milton, Ilinca Focseneanu, Crissy Halloran, Li Yilei, Marco Von Ritter, Maud Pollien, Matteo Patocchi, Juan Pita, Jamie Turner, James Halloran, Niki, Giulio Dal Lago, D.C.P, Carole Godat, Hugit Rubinstein, Pablo Diserens, Chiara Feliciani. 


Sonic Happening, SET, London, November 2020

X U L A, Sonic event at SET Space exhibition space. Collaboration with London based artists and musicians exploring ideas of intimacy, connection and gatherings through live experimental music performances during a time when the Covid-19 restrictions made the performing arts  difficult in London. X U L A was curated by Ava Halloran and sound artist, G. Dal Lago. During the weekend event, the curators took part and performed their latest sonic collaboration, Tzika, with sound artist, Tarik Haskić

*Photographs -  TZIKA / Anastasia Freygang / Turn-Trinitite 


Berlin, March 2020

TROPFEN cassette label: Nachi and AVA compilation of vinyl session at W58 in Berlin.


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