Sound Snaps

Brief moments of concrete listening.


Agistri, Greece, 2020
Blue buzzer beats.


Nunhead, London, 2020

Banal gestures, indoor habits. Coping with the Covid during lockdown.


Podgorica to Belgrade train journey, 2019

Moving bodies through sonic geographies.

Party I I I

Bergen, Norway, 2019
University of Art, Music and Design. Workshop w/ Brandon LaBelle.

‘What is sovereign in fact is to enjoy the present time without having anything else in view but this present time.’ G. Bataille

The Burbs

Chicago, Illinois, 2017

Lower West Side ride through Chicago heat waves.

Creep Cage

Denver, Colorado, 2017

People are nibbling on giant turkey legs and nitrogen dragon balls, playing cornhole tournaments, tapping feet to country music and sipping crafted local beers. The invisible dunk tank clown’s voice is coming from the dark cage. I’m plunged into the historical horror hole of this practice.


Grundarfjordur, Iceland, 2014

‘I always think how lucky we are to live here. I would never want to live anywhere else. Look…’ The woman waved her hand, pointing to the view on Grundarfjordur’s harbour, a broad smile on her face.

Sitting on the freezing cold rocks looking out on the bay area, the woman’s voice is haunting.
                                                     A stillness resonates.

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