@Walking, one of the five intersections of E&C, ink on paper
@ Toop listening to In Situ

@ ‘Michael Farday memorial’ at the center of the roundabout, ink on paper

In Situ 

London, LCC exhibition ‘Heightened States of Awareness’, 2019


In Situ, sound installation composed of hand drawn maps, analog photography and a sound piece that explores perception of the (in)audible and the (in)visible of the Elephant and Castle roundabout in London. The focus is on the five main points of intersection surrounding the E&C roundabout, all of which are composed of a complex sonic atmosphere, where layers of rhythms, vibrations, densities, frequencies and temporalities overlap and resonate through space. The maps and the audio - a journey through the three layers of E&C: its underground, surface and up-above - question borders and limitations in a place filled with man-made boundaries.

The place in South London is known for its transient character and loud sounds, dominated by sirens and engines. Often drowned by the urban noise, In Situ is the result of a research that focuses on E&C’s inherent, yet underlying and potentially vanishing sounds. The E&C shopping center, the first American style mall in London, opened in 1965 and disappeared in 2022 demolished by a massive regeneration plan that changed the Southwark borough. 


Solo / duo / improv / experimental sets.
2015 - 2023
@Cinema Spoutnik, Geneva

Zinema, Lausanne
Le Bourg, Lausanne
Le Romandie, Lausanne
Festival de la Danse, Geneva
Impetus Festival, Lausanne
Lausanne Underground Film Festival, Lausanne
International Film Festival Tous Ecrans, Geneva
Visions du Réel film festival, Nyon
Mos Espa Festival, Geneva
Walden/ àDuplex, Geneva
Dig It Records, Geneva
Le Pachinko, Geneva
Black Movie Festival, Geneva
Contemporary Art Center, Neuchâtel
Museum of Art and History, Geneva
L’Usine (Le Rez / Moloko), Geneva
Motel Campo, Geneva
La Cave 12, Geneva
La Gravière, Geneva
Le Cabinet, Geneva
Schrippe Hawaï, Berlin
8MM, Berlin
Madame Claude Experimontag, Berlin
W58, Berlin
WiE space, Berlin
Ola Radio, Marseille
Baihui Radio, China
SET Dalston, London
Kocido Studio, London
Iklectik Art Lab, London


Art collective

Dérives Bleues, 2021
Live, Brache 09, Berlin


Knvt event gathered live musical performances, video installations, creative workshops and DJ sets. AVA’s live sound performance took place in a cellograph, created by Popticum, followed by transdisciplinary artist Yris Apsit’s workshop Space Cells. 
Dérives Bleues evokes hypnotic tones, levitating textures and distant echoes, shifting from terrestrial to aquatic realms, reflecting on hybridity of imagination, dreams and how change of environments impact us. The sonic journey is composed of field recordings, vocals, acoustic objects and electronics. 


/ / / 

Bodies of Water, 2022, Berlin
Live event, gallery Kunstbrueke am Wildenbruch 

Hydrosphere of the future and land at the landwehrkanal of Berlin, Bodies of Water is a collaboration between dance, spoken word and sound composition during the festival Under the Bridge = On the Threshold. 
Dancers: Suzette (US)/ Kotawali (FR)
Director: Orsi (BE)/ Sound: AVA / Spoken word: Lori, Orsi
Both events were supported by Draussenstadt, Berlin


@ajlux per(f)ilm, excerpt performance


Sonic project, Zeitgeist 2022

Drips is a transatlantic conversation between visual, performance and vocal artist Anna Homler and Ava Halloran, who was particularly interested in Homler’s Pharmacia Poetica collection, her own invented language and her early performance work, the Breadwoman. 
In response to the Her Noise archive, the dreamlike exchange follows themes of communication, sound, gender and archive. 
Link to Drips ︎︎︎Zeitgeist Sonic Arts online gallery

@Anna Homler / Tasos Stamou performance, SET Dalston, London, 2019 


London, 2021

Vinyl / Digital EP, Sonic exploration of the otherworldy poetics of the cicada’s lifecycle.
︎ ︎︎Bandcamp Tzika

Tzika live performance during XULA, SET Art Space, London. Sonic event curated by Ava Halloran and G. Dal Lago.