London, December 2020 


KoKoMo is an interactive website based on storytelling that aims to explore some of the themes thrown up by the Covid-19 pandemic by connecting people’s experiences  from various locations during the lockdowns.


Lihi Mendel, Dominique Fleury, Tasneem Lohani, Vladimir Skrivan, Tarik Haskić, Anastasia Freygang, Frédéric Post, Francesca Serra, Michel, Neil Milton, Ilinca Focseneanu, Crissy Halloran, Li Yilei, Marco Von Ritter, Maud Pollien, Matteo Patocchi, Juan Pita, Jamie Turner, James Halloran, Niki, Giulio Dal Lago, D.C.P, Carole Godat, Hugit Rubinstein, Pablo Diserens, Chiara Feliciani. 

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