Transatlantic conversation with LA based artist Anna Homler.
London, January 2019

Drips is an experiment, a reflective process developed in response to the Her Noise Archive. The archive is composed of music and sound histories in relation to female artists who use sound as a medium. For this work, I contacted the vocal, visual and performance artist, Anna Homler. I was particularly interested in her Pharmacia Poetica collection, her own invented language and her early performance work as the Breadwoman. Based in Los Angeles, I interviewed her over the phone.

Rich in lyrical, symbolic and poetic language, I explored the transatlantic conversation by deconstructing it following themes of communication, sound, gender and archive. The title Drips, a repetitive process itself, is a synonym for connection and the movement of ideas, a term taken from Homler who used it several times during our exchange. They are the drips of communication between myself, Homler and the Her Noise archive. Drip by drip, the slow singular sounds connect and progressively build up into new forms and new languages.

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